• Ishel Eichler
  • Götz Gramlich
  • Marcel Häusler
  • Jaschi Klein
  • Julia Melzner
  • Poschauko Brüder
  • Judith Ritter
  • Prof. Klaus Staeck
  • Martin Sperling
  • Jennifer Taylor
  • Andrea Tensing
  • Paula Troxler
  • Jens Uwe Meyer
  • Citinaut GmbH



Additional Support

After the jury decision, we will need many creative minds and helping hands to bring the total project to successful completion. Of equal importance, we need patrons and sponsors who can help us get the project up and running financially.
In particular, after the presentation of the 50 winners in Hamburg, we will need help to make the global exhibition a reality.
Donations will be invoiced to the non-profit association Frappant e.V. in Hamburg as the jury and the jury selection are organised within the framework exhibition program of Frappant e.V.