Vernissage, Tuesday, 11 June at 17:30 at the Reesedammbrücke / Jungfernstieg, in case of rain in front of the Hamburger Kunsthalle

From 11 June 2024, they can be seen on Hamburg's streets and in public places: the winning posters of the Anfachen Award VIII, which use the space to explore the great and universal human feeling of fear.

The Anfachen Award VIII poster exhibition can be seen at the following locations in the Hanseatic city - Kennedybrücke, in front of the Hamburger Kunsthalle, behind the main railway station, on the Reesendamm bridge and on the Reeperbahn.

Winners of the Anfachen Award VIII:

Daria Białas (POL)
Jarek Bujny (POL)
Riccardo Carrara (IT/GBR)
Michał Dyakowski (POL)
Ansgar Eilting (GER)
Alina Engelke (GER)
Yun Feng (CHN)
Lea Frania (AUT)
Leonie Harff (GER)
Stefan Ilić (SRB)
Vlad Kasimcev (RUS)
Wojciech Kucia (POL
Dominik Jakubowski (POL)
Yuyu Lin (CHN)
Wei Long (CHN)
Sandra Mantyeyeva (GER)
Maike Müller (GER)
Grzegorz Myćka (POL)
Sarah Karima Ouazizi (GER)
Alina Salimova (RUS)
Jochen Sinnwell (GER)
Amatu Marie Ulrich (GER)
Wei Wang (CHN)
Xueying Wang (CHN)
Agnieszka Węglarska (POL),


artwork © Sebastian Kubica


11.06.2024, 17:30: Opening of the winning posters of the Anfachen Award VIII,
Reesendammbrücke near Jugenfernstieg , in front of the Hamburg Kunsthalle in case of rain

Further dates:
31.07. - 21.08.2024 Central Library Bücherhalle Hamburg at Hühnerposten
30.08. & 31.08.2024 - for the seventh year we are part of the festival ‘Jamel rockt den Förster’

Die Jury

Judith Asher (IL), Vincent van Baar (NL), Dmytro Dziuba (UKR), Heike Grebin (GER), Alexandra Grünig (GER), Sebastian Kubica (POL), Claas Möller (GER) und Flávia Nalon (GER/BRA), Schirmherr: Klaus Staeck (GER)



In 2016, the Anfachen Award started with the topic ‘Women’, in the second year it was dedicated to the topic ‘Tolerance’, in the third year to ‘Housing’, in the fourth year to ‘Water’, in the fifth year to ‘Democracy’, in the sixth year to ‘Nature’ and ‘Humanity’, and in the seventh year to ‘Energy’. With hundreds of international submissions, renowned juries and a unique presentation, first in Hamburg and then in other German and international cities, the poster competition not only inspires the participants, but above all the public. The broad media response has also helped the award from the outset to draw increased attention to controversial socio-political issues.


a) The designer declares his consent to the worldwide and temporally unrestricted publication of the
publication of the motifs in print and electronic media for an unlimited period of time, as well as for the presentation
in the context of exhibitions in public spaces and in galleries/museums.
b) The designer transfers to Anfachen Award the non-exclusive right of use to reproduce, distribute and make publicly accessible and/or reproduce the submitted motifs/documents as well as the right to exhibit the exhibits. Anfachen Award is authorised to transfer these rights to third parties. Anfachen Award is authorised to use the transferred rights commercially to refinance the award, for example by selling the motifs as posters, postcard leporello (these two forms of exploitation limited to 3 years) and/or as part of an exhibition catalogue.
c) The designer indemnifies Anfachen Award against all claims by third parties that they may raise against Anfachen Award in connection with the transfer of rights or their utilisation
and guarantees that the submitted works (text and images) are free of third-party rights.